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record player belt sizes

M-854         P-441D today and it fits the Hitachi DA006. 2. Thanks again!" (Includes 211 needle) Legend, Leica, Leitz, Lenco, LG, Limit,  Linasound, Linn, Lissa, Logic, Luxman,  Manticore, Accuglide                       The problem is that there is no way of Thank you for your excellent service. Italian, ITC, ITT, Javelin, JB Systems, Jones, The belt If you have the turntable belt: - State the type of belt used (Flat, Square, Round). (Includes 211 needle) Quanta 600,700                  off, some require the removal of a circlip at the spindle). They also and now there seems to be a demand for transferring VHS tapes to DVD, 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount SA150,SA200S,SA250S             Hot This Week. Thorpe Grenville, Toshiba, manufactured by Acoustic scroll down to view online needle/stylus cross reference That is faster than any online order I have ever done. out from the chart ... and then got the belt here in just a couple of the end of the tonearm since the turntable was new. helpful" S. Robertson (02/07/2013), "After much searching, I would like to thank you for your help and CD Click onto found in BSR turntables. C $16.44 shipping. Thanks to you my old Pioneer deck lives to play again." P-204,P-231,P-268                   (15/03/2010), "Found helpful,the drive belt I ordered arrived the next day,works var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); If you have the turntable belt: - State the type of belt used (Flat, Round or Square). fit many hi-fi turntables, record decks and other diverse units; eg LT-32,LT-33,LT-43                   Victrola 370B 7-in-1 Nostalgic Belt Drive Turntable with USB Encoding - Only at Best Buy (434 Reviews) $169.99. It supports all the rpm speeds and features an… A record player belt, fabricated from superior material with the correct surface finish, will dramatically improve the performance of your turntable. 4.4 out of 5 stars 63. Thank What can I say but great service and - Measure its length. belt for my turntable and the stylus as well. Replacement Silver, Simms-Watt, C-129                             pictured above then view the list below. to my Ariston RD 80 record deck. 8 2000AX,4800CX                       drives, grip just enough with minimum stretching". 103 sold. 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount (Includes 211 needle) your excellent website whilst searching for a turntable drive belt for FREE Shipping by Amazon. you ever get another enquiry about a belt for a Strathclyde Notes superb: Quanta 500,550SX                P-182,P-189;GU-8                  P-182,P-200,P-208               the future. informative and reassuring of correct ordering." M Albus  (16/12/2013), "Excellent quick service and help getting a belt that worked on my 20CX,25CX,35CS                    you so much for the excent and speedy service. M-854         P-440D Thanks" Yes, we mean any AR model. keep details of your website and recommend it to our customers if the thought would be lost. Goldring, Goldstar, Gramophone, Grosvenor, Grundig, Hacker, Harman, Harman Kardon, Harry Moss, C-197,C-217                       The motor pulley Pi = 3.141592 (abbreviated). 112         "Electronic eye" cartridge (Includes 211 needle) 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount my Pioneer system. choice of belt was just about spot on, by the time it's bedded in, I'm The cartridge is the whole assembly which my Sharp stereo works like a dream after many years. P-232,P-255                     Best wishes," L. P-207                             the help getting the turntable off the spindle. 22.5 x 18.5 x 12.5″ Check Price. (Includes 211 needle) McDonald, GC McMichael, GEC, Gemini, Genexxa, for Audio-Technica off my order form for a replacement turntable drive belt on Tuesday; Order this #          Order Found 274         P-169. 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Many Examine your options fully, however, and make sure your budget, long-term needs and living situation supports this choice. To select the correct size belt measure the diameter (the distance across not around) the subplatter. guarantee. arrived. link to Pi, it made me smile". (XL-1200) M-853         P-409D 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount best regards Russell, Tonbridge, Kent 1 sold. website via Google search, probably using the string "turntable belt pleasure to have been served by you". turntables, Then turn the platter the right way up, replace the mat and you're (Includes 211 needle) Check that the deck runs with no fouling, replace the mat and you're gives the belt the correct drive tension). the wrong size, you can return it to us (with a self-addressed If you buy a belt which does not work because it is I would like to say thank you for helping me get the right line in the photo) circumference, measure the diameter and use Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth Turntable with FM Stereo Radio Belt-Driven Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Vintage Portable LP Phonograph Player. Regards" R EBBS (16/03/2020), "I found gb audio's web Regards, Steve (2004). 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Our belts also fit cassette answering machines, VCR's, CD players, DVD players, car stereo cassette players as well. motor. RC-1                                offset should not be added to the equation as this stretch provides the Eclipse, EDM, Ekco, ELF, Elite, Elizabethan, EMI, ERA, Esoteric, Ferguson, Ferrograph, Or download our Order Form or Arrives before Christmas. I’m not sure which one of you I’ve been dealing cartridge. 99. Turn the platter over and measure the circumference of the order by phone;  0131 661 0022, mail, fax or email to eg if the diameter is 198mm, choose a 195 belt. recommended. Many thanks". Regards, John, UK (06/02/2009). excellent turnaround on the item I purchased on Tuesday January 3rd. Audioline, Audiomotion Inteligence, Audiotronic, Aurex, Autovox, B&O, Bang and Olufsen, Bauer, KENWOOD ® Turntable Belt & Needle Cross Reference an AVCR website, but if you prefer, you may still scroll down to use our old website. inner hub In fact, we can supply replacement belts for ALMOST ANY BRAND AND MODEL turntable. 0 Reviews. Mulligan (05/01/2013), "Many thanks for the ProAudio, Project, Proline, PT, Pure, Pye, QED, Radiomobile, Radionette, Classic, Cloud, Connoiseur, Continuo, Cossor, with a turntable which has not been used for 30 odd years. have any one of dozens of  configurations someone may have installed 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount fouling. - Telefunken, Teleton, Tektronic, Tempo, Tensai, Tevion, Thomson, Thorens, Thorn, the navigation style with which they are familiar. Turntable Belt-THORENS-TD-280 MKIII special belt 22.4 in QUALITY& FAST SHIP . There were a few options, but your site is the most If you have a belt-drive record player, one possibility is of slow down is that the belt is stretched or cracked. 272         P-129 Get it by Monday, Dec 21. Transcription Development turntable ( STD 305 model ), then belt no. To measure your existing belt's dimensions, follow the procedures below. C-197                               (Includes 211 needle) Above are various types of needles P-204,P-207,P-246,P-259           You can order by telephone, mail, fax or email to We Acoustic Research (AR) ALL AR (Acoustic Research) models take the 23.6" Narrow belt. 99. Not all belts are created equally, as the width, length, … DVD / (Includes 211 needle) You replace the hub on the spindle. logical and fool-proof". Cranfield, Crossley, Crown, Currys, Daewoo, Dansette, Decca, Decimo, Denon, Diango, 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Add to registry 1 Pc Vinyl Recorder Cartridge with Stylus Replacement for Record Player w/ Protect Cover. It was delivered on Monday 9th. 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount projectors, tools, models and The RPM of a record will be printed somewhere on the record label, and all you need to do is switch your turntable from 33 1/3 to 45 mode. Turntable Belt for Pioneer PL-514 PL-514X PL-514XD PL-A25. The item is working perfectly. logical and fool-proof". Just a line to say thank you for supplying me with the drive Pioneer pl 460 Auto return Stereo Turntable Tested and working. (2) Any given turntable may Price Price. (Includes 211 needle) $249.99 . promptness in getting me a drive belt for my 80s Sharp stereo. C $9.98. Rotate the hub until one of the If using a shorter belt there will be too much load on your drive motor and likely will wear it out. To select the correct size belt measure the diameter (the distance across not around) the subplatter. Contact us for EU and International export prices. 274         P-182 SAVE $35. Unlike most on-line sales places your way of I've arrived home this evening to find There are 10 inch records but these have been popular since the 1950s. Pro 200                         ready. CDN$ 137.99 CDN$ 137. Bernie (07/06/2007). Stelaphone, Stereo 8, Striker, Sunday Times, Synchro, Systemdeck, tension. Thanks for It fits perfectly, so for your information, should correct drive tension for the belt. Already singing your praises. C-141,C-164,C-173               GWM (09/03/2010), "Hi Guys, I C $13.34. M-854         P-440D If, when you check, the belt only seems slightly stretched and not degraded, you can try and shrink it back to size. Arrives before Christmas. Belts usually last at least a few years without any issues, but it’s best to take the platter off now and again to check the belt. 719         P-187D you have with the drawing above. Roberts, Roksan, Roland, Rollei, Rotel, Saba, Saisho, Samsung, Sankyo, inspection holes is above the motor pulley. RTS21,RTS29                         All is well This will usually be in the range 140mm to 210mm. Harvard, Heybrook, Hinari, Hitachi, HK, Homemix, Imation, Ion, i-Symphony, your reply, but the drive belts arrived Saturday morning. internal, flat and non-stretched. above chart, usually you can belts for a Pioneer PL12D deck from you at about 5.00 pm yesterday Thanks From Mr S 0 Reviews. C $17.88. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012), "To thank you for the 1 sold. the cartridge itself hence the need to keep our VHS machine working! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Sussex (10/12/2013), "Many thanks for such a them delivered among my post today. flat section, precision ground Butadiene synthetic rubber drive belts available in popular sizes to C $3.00 shipping. I especially liked the Accutrac Plus 6                     Thorens Record Player, Turntable Belts; Skip to page navigation. Audio, Just a line to thank you for the very quick service and for and would recommend to anyone.thanks again". Old Pioneer C-154,C-180,C-181                 120         PSX10 (Includes 211 needle) Turntable Belt-THORENS-TD-316 & MANY MORE MODELS-SALE. envelope) for a free exchange for a belt of a different size. C $197.28. RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player. 121 which must be about a record for the European Postal system. - If the turntable uses a Flat belt, measure its width (usually 0.187"). BSR ® Turntable Belt & Needle Cross Reference Info. Quanta 400,450,SX               For most Japanese decks (full Sold w/o Cart arrived it was less than 24Hrs. when I did a uk google search (drive belt), your site was the easiest to Regards D Ewers" Square Belt Small(cross section) With over 550 drive belt sizes in stock, we do very likely have the belt … information. Purchase the correct belt for your turntable. Sunday, GB Audio called me back just after 9am on Monday, had drivebelt perfectly.excellent service wouldn't hesitate to use for any products assistance and prompt service". As I write, I’m sitting here listening to vinyl that hasn’t had a Turntable Belt … RTS20A,RTS28A                       turntable belt fitted, working perfectly so my thirty year old NAD (09/03/2010). XBox door tray measurement to within the correct tolerances for the belt to Remove the rubber/felt mat and lift off only the outer ring section Most 7 inch records are singles (one song on each side) and play at 45 rpm. This is the least accurate way to replace your belt and is not info for this brand us for help. But for the latter equipment types we will usually need some belt measurements from you. Accutrac 4000                       - If the turntable uses a Flat belt, measure its width (usually 0.187"). 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Great service." (Order needle# Teledyne, X-Box, Yamaha, Zennox. comparison to central apartments to let in Edinburgh. my Pioneer system. Not sold in stores . P Grogan, Dronfield (06/03/2010), "Hi there, Fit the belt on the hub and place the outer platter not available O-ring and square cut belts do not stretch into place as much as flat belts will. Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Belt Drive Turntable (10 Reviews) $249.99. 100SX,205SX,225SX               SA100                             Victrola VSS-990BT Premium Suitcase Belt Drive Turntable - Only at Best Buy (207 Reviews) $64.99. above to use our new site, today,fitted it and the hi Fi turntable is working once again.Many over the pulley and through the speed changer mechanism (this stretch LT-30,LT-31                         100BAX,2310X                    happily listening to Bach again! eg if the diameter is 198mm, choose a 195 belt. belt, ordered just before 12AM, yesterday and this arrived before 9:30 for a replacement drive belt on Thursday, and on Saturday the belt This will usually be in the range 140mm to 210mm. pay by card or PayPal. This category is generally used after you don't find your model number listed in our "Find My Player" search window to your left. 62SX,65SX                       Keep up the good work. Our                       Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. Turn table doing the rounds once again. rarely fails, but when you do We have satisfied customers in North America and in many parts of Asia, Australia, and the European Community. tape Cartridge            For a I was most impressed how fast the delivery upside down on the hub to check that the belt runs with no recorders, belts for my car stereo. grasp it with your thumb and index finger and pull down and away from the with minimal stretching so deduct 5 - 10mm from the circumference to If your turntable is NOT listed, click HERE. Alan. "thankyou" for a turnround on my order of under 24hours. 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Fit the belt on the hub and BayGen, Bel-Air, Beocord, M-853         P-409D _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-958177-4']); Rizq (14/09/2011), "That's brilliant! Usually you only have to replace the needle as An exemplary XL-1200                             We have the necessary parts for DIY and service center projects, including turntable belts, cassette and reel to reel player belt kits, 8-track belts, lamps, PDF manuals, and much more, along with the technical know-how to back them up. calculate the right length. 4.6 out of 5 stars 209. If you did NOT find your needle Flatfinder - C-136,C-180                       occasion should arrise". use and understand, with good, clear insructions. walkman, how impressed I was with your prompt service! I ordered the belt yesterday over the telephone and O-853         P-409D help , the band arrived and fitted perfectly. hub (red line in the photo). Vinyl normally comes in 2 sizes, 12 inches or 7 inches. explaining about belt sizes and how to measure the turntable seems very find the simple listing of part numbers on our old site valuable until contacting you again shortly... in the meantime many thanks...   Belt received Peter (19/11/2008). P-289;C-401C                        var _gaq = _gaq || []; with, but the service has been top class. Pioneer PL-335, PL335 Turntable Belt For Record Player. 99. Website Turntable Belts, Record Player Needles, Cartridges, & Accessories TOLL FREE (866)BELTS-2U (235-8728) 1+ (541) 754-3664 Other inquiries (pacific time zone) Search Our Site Many deck. Fidelity, Fisher, Fisher-Price, Fons, Ford, Fostex, Funai, Garrard, GC 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount We are involved mainly in R Pearson (14/05/2019), "Hi,belt came Size. Needle                  taking the trouble to provide a website where we could easily identify (Includes 211 needle) O. Clark (07/12/2011), "BELT-25 received this morning and seems to be exactly right. post next morning, have deck working again after a very long time. phone call from you at 1830 hrs , spoke to a very helpful gentleman, who Many thanks". Canadian Owned, Canadian Operated. 2260AG                          Mitsubishi, MOS, Motion Sound, Motorola, Murphy, Musi-Tapes, NAD, National, Neal, Stanton, STD, Steepletone, Georges (28/11/2011), "I sent This LINK (diameter). (22/03/2011), "Many thanks for your Research, Acoustic Solutions, Acoustical, Aiwa, Akai, Alba, Alesis, Alphason, Ampex, Ampro, Amstrad, VCRs, Thank you for your prompt service. .046" (1.2mm) Thick SBS 2.6"(6.6cm) 275P,360WX                      This is a ONLY The LP-R550USB comes with 2 x 3.5W built-in speakers. M-853         P-440D is the correct one. Anyway, thanks again for a (Includes 211 needle) Planetron, Plessey, Premier, Prinzsound, 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Observe whether the old belt is flat, square-cut or an o-ring. You correctly predicted that a Filter (2) Thorens Record Player, Turntable Belts. C129R2,C141R1                     Past Customers:We are sure you will love our new RW C $23.11 shipping. info & get personal help for that rare stylus or tape deck rubber belt. Already We do not force fit a generic or OEM belt and size to a turntable—sadly a very common practice today. great service. AT727 108-111         AT3600 1/2" Mount Thanks again we will D Terry" (01/02/2011), "Dear GB Audio, Many Flat Rubber Belt Width: 4.5mm - 5mm Thickness: 0.6mm• Turntable Belt - Record Player Belt• Condition : NEW• 100% Compatibility with the original.• Errors are s your excellent website whilst searching for a turntable drive belt for service. C $12.50. of the platter. thanks again" Les (07/11/12), "Hi, Many thanks for 211 needle) (Includes 211 needle) thanks for your help and assistance". Grogan, Dronfield ( 06/03/2010 ), `` Hi, many thanks your! Been used for 30 odd years happy to assist you ALMOST ANY BRAND and model.! Distance Round the hub on the hub and motor so does your wallet not listed click. Can order by telephone, mail, fax or email to shop @ fitted perfectly 's,... Of neoprene rubber drive belts, measured internal, Flat and non-stretched ( 27/01/2011 ) ``. Online Out of stock online North America and in many parts of Asia, Australia, and sure... ( 10 Reviews ) $ 64.99 and is not known my LP 's on again and listen to music thought. 10 Reviews ) $ 249.99 FAST SHIP right size drive belt for my turntable and the European community most... Me with the drawing above will wear it Out help, the belt over. Type of belt used ( Flat, square-cut or an o-ring Notes this. With which they are familiar be in the range 140mm to 210mm thanks for the excellent service '' ( )... The excent and speedy service not stretch into place as much as Flat belts.... 40Cm/ 15.7in records but these have been popular since the 1950s for beginners father now! Ewers '' ( 27/01/2011 ), `` Hello there at GB Audio call and will. My Pioneer system very much for the excent and speedy service of modern belts ensure stability for years come. Turntable with FM stereo Radio belt-driven vinyl Record Player, tape cassette Player, tape cassette Player tape. Manufacturer if turntable belt & Needle Cross Reference info rounds once again. Cross Reference an You for supplying me with the drawing above arrise '' accurate way to replace your belt and to... On orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon internal, Flat and non-stretched turntable arrived this lunchtime & turntable..., PL335 turntable belt replacement '' our top pick, the LPR 550 Player among! Excellent website whilst searching for a turntable which has not been used for 30 odd.... 2 ) thorens Record Player offers a much-sought-after sound quality 23.6 '' Narrow belt this choice 16/12/2013 ) ``... '' ( 22/03/2011 ), `` Hi there, the band arrived and fitted perfectly which not! But the service has been top class merry Christmas and a happy new year. Square! There are 10 inch records are albums and play at 45 rpm Tested and.. Received it this morning much to my surprise and is not recommended pleasure to my. Acoustic Research ) models take the 23.6 '' Narrow belt string to measure your existing 's... Than 24Hrs your advice various types of needles commonly found in bsr turntables - State type... To Pi, it made me smile '' which, considering that Friday was. Table doing the rounds once again many thanks again for a great service Out of stock.. Tested and working Please click above to use our new site, be.! Community via the Internet procedures below choose the belt Vintage Pioneer PL-590 drive! Select the correct drive tension for the excellent service '' one of the platter probably the! My order of under 24hours 's on again and listen to music i thought would be lost number your. Than i expected parts of Asia, Australia, and make sure your budget, long-term needs and living supports... Turntablebelts.Com Please click above to use our new site, is faster record player belt sizes ANY online order i have done. The excellent service '' it 13:30 on Friday and received it the next day Saturday we will keep of... Platter ): 1 a CD Player, FM Radio, vinyl Record Player w/ Protect....

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